Using Twig in WordPress with Clarkson

At the end of 2015, we @ Level Level have released a WordPress Plugin accompanied with a Theme for WordPress that makes it possible to use the Twig templating engine and some awesome OO WordPress objects. Go check out the website for … Vervolgd

WordPress Meetup 010 – September 2014

Het was een leuke en gezellig meetup! Hier is het lijstje van vragen welke ik en andere bij de Metup gaandeweg de avond hebben kunnen beantwoorden: Time tracking Deze gebruik ik zelf: Toggl – Deze gebruiken we bij Level Level: … Vervolgd

Iconssssss! SVG icons or font icons

Will update this post because it’s a work in progress. SVG So this blogpost kind up sums up why I want to try SVG icons. SVG-icons needs background-size… and IE8 doens’t support that, so a fallback to regular PNG’s? … Vervolgd

Talking at WP Meetup Rotterdam – februari 2014

I’m again pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the WP Meetup Rotterdam upcomming 10th of Februari. While last WP Meetup talk where at an advanced level this time I will be talking about the basics of WordPress … Vervolgd

Talking at WP Meetup Rotterdam 2013

I’m pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the WP Meetup Rotterdam upcomming 25th of November. I’ll be doing a talk about “How to simplify day to day WordPress tasks with WP-CLI”. WP-CLI is a command line tool that has helped … Vervolgd

WordPress scaffolding with WP-CLI

So when I got introduced too Ruby (RoR) and its possibility to generate prefab code from the command-line with a single command I wanted this for WordPress. And especially in combination with wp-cli. 

Movember 2012

Dear brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends and beloved. Today is a nice day to Mo! Vorige jaar hebben we een prachtig bedrag opgehaald van 115 euro! Samen met mijn Mo Bro Andre zetten we ons dit jaar weer … Vervolgd